Reliability Analysis & Safety Assurance Laboratory

RASA Alumni

Former Doctoral Graduates

Name, Graduation Year & Dissertation


Dr. Sara Kohtz 

(Ph.D. 2024) Dissertation “Machine Learning Approaches for Prognostics and Design of Energy Systems”

Assistant Professor at
Binghamton University -State University of New York
Dr. Xinyang Liu 

(Ph.D. 2023) Dissertation “Integrated design and operational decision making under uncertainty for enhanced lifecycle performances of engineering systems”

Data Scientist at
Meta Platforms, Inc.
Dr. Bayan Hamdan 

(Ph.D. 2023) Dissertation “Multifidelity Optimization Methods for Interconnected Multidisciplinary Systems”

Assistant Professor at
American University of Sharjah
Dr. Yanwen Xu 

(Ph.D. 2023) Dissertation “Developing Physics-Informed Machine Learning Models for Complex Engineering Systems Design”

Assistant Professor at
University of Texas at Dallas
Dr. Jiaxin Wu 

(Ph.D. 2022) Dissertation “Analysis for Resilience of Complex Energy Systems: Operations and Designs”

Research Scientist at
Meta Platforms, Inc.
Dr. Tonghui Cui 

(Ph.D. 2021) Dissertation “Reliability-based Control Co-Design: Problem Formulation, Algorithms and Energy Systems Design Applications”

Reliability Engineer at
Rivian Automotive, Inc.
  Dr. Amirmahyar Abdolsamadi 

(Ph.D. 2018) Dissertation “Advanced Fusion Diagnosis with Evolving Data Streams for Health Management of Complex Engineering Systems”

Data Scientist at
FM Global
  Dr. Nita Yodo 

(Ph.D. 2017) Dissertation “Design for Resilience of Complex Engineered Systems”

Assistant Professor
Dr. Guangxing Bai 

(Ph.D., 2016) Dissertation: “Advanced Data-Driven Prognostics and Health Management for Complex Engineered Systems”

Faculty at Xi’an University of Sci. & Tech.
Dr. Abdulaziz Turki Almaktoom  

(Ph.D., 2015) Dissertation: “Reliability, Robustness, and Resilience of Complex Supply Chain Systems: Design Optimization and Analysis Under Uncertainties”
* Jointly advised with Dr. Krishnan.

Assistant Professor
at Effat University

Dr. Zequn Wang 

(Ph.D., 2014) Dissertation: “Dynamic Reliability Analysis and Design for Complex Engineered Systems ”

Assistant Professor
at Michigan Tech
Dr. Prasanna Tamilselvan 

(Ph.D., 2013) Dissertation: “Advanced Failure Diagnostics and Prognostics for Complex Engineering System Health Management ”

Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.
(Houston, TX)

Former MS Graduates

Name, Graduation Year & Thesis


Ms. Atousa Nasr 

(M.S. 2018) Thesis “Analyzing the Impacts of Energy Storage on the Resilience of Power Distribution Systems”

Mida Inc.
(Sterling, VA)
  Mr. Neeraj K Dubbalwar 

(M.S. 2017) Thesis “Development of an Intelligent Highway Operation Management System Via SUMO”

Alta Vista Solutions
(Sacramento, CA)
  Mr. Boon Guang Lua  

(M.S. 2017) Thesis “Design and Prototyping of An Autonomous Surveillance Robot”

National Institute of Aviation Research (NIAR)
  Mr. Xiaolong Cui 

(M.S., 2016) Thesis: “Reliability Analysis and Design Considering Active Disjoint Failure Regions”

Spirit AeroSystem Inc.
(Wichita, KS)
  Mr. Liang Xu 

(M.S., 2013) Thesis: “A Generic Bayesian Approach Using Laplace Approximation for Model-based Failure Prognosis ”

SpectraQuest, Inc.
(Richmond, VA)
  Ms. Nita Yodo 

(M.S., 2013) Thesis: “Design of Thin Film Solar Cell Material Structure for Reliability and Performance Robustness ”

Currently pursuing PhD in RASA
  Mr. Yibin Wang 

(M.S., 2013) Thesis: “Cost Benefit Analysis of Condition Monitoring System for Optimal Maintenance Decision Making ”

Chrysler Motor   (Detroit, MI)
  Mr. Tianlong Xu 

(M.S., 2012) Thesis: “A Generic Degradation Simulation Platform for Power Management of Photovoltaic Systems ”

Rayspower Inc.
  Mr. Gopi K. Sadilingam 

(M.S., 2011) Thesis: “Adaptive Response Surface Method for Efficient Bayesian Reliability Based Design Optimization”

Intel Corporation.
  Mr. Dwarakanath Jagannath 

(M.S., 2011) Thesis: “A Stochastic Simulation Framework for Condition-Based Operation and Maintenance of Wind Turbines”

Pall Corp.
(San Diego, CA)