Reliability Analysis & Safety Assurance Laboratory


The Reliability Analysis & Safety Assurance (RASA) Laboratory in the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (ISE) at The University of Illinois promotes the state-of-the-art research and education on reliable design and safe operation of engineering systems.



  • Two postdoctoral research associate positions in the area of engineering design are available immediately, focusing on design for energy storage materials, and computational methods for design under uncertainty. Please contact Dr. Wang for more information.
  • Multiple Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions are available starting from Fall 2021.



  • RASA received the continuous funding support from POETS center on the battery management system (BMS) project. (12/22/2020);
  • Congratulations to Yanwen, for receiving the Best Paper Award from IISE Quality Control and Reliability Engineering (QCRE) division at 2020 IISE Annual Conference, with the paper co-authored with Dr. Wang, titled “Rare Event Estimation of High Dimensional Problems with Confidence Intervals”. (11/2/2020)
  • RASA in collaborating with Dr. Senesky’s group at Stanford, has received a research grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, addressing the reliability challenges of carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems. (10/26/2020)
  • RASA is part of a team, with researchers from Illinois and Georgia Tech, receiving research funding from the NSF future manufacturing program to develop holistic approaches for design and recycling of high energy density lithium-Ion batteries. (Illinois News Release, Project Synopsis) (8/21/2020)
  • RASA  received funding from DOE REMADE institute for a research project focusing on product family design for reliability and sustainability.  (ISE News Release) (8/17/2020)