Reliability Analysis & Safety Assurance Laboratory


The RASA lab at the University of Illinois promotes state of the art research and education related to reliability, safety, failure resiliency and sustainability of complex engineering systems.

In RASA, we conduct researches and educate our students in the following areas:

  • Physics-of-failure analysis and failure characterization;
  • Reliability, safety, and failure resiliency analysis;
  • Predictive modeling and uncertainty quantification;
  • Design under uncertainty, and stochastic optimization;
  • Failure prognostics and health management.


Current Research Activities:

  • Design of Engineering Material Systems: discover new functional relationships between material properties and material design & processing parameters, through multiscale modeling, simulation and experimental validation, to facilitate fast development of new engineering material systems;
  • Design for Resilience and Sustainability: understand interdependencies between components/subsystems for a complex system and their design implications to improve system reliability, resiliency, and sustainability;
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Management: manage uncertainties associated with engineering systems and processes with new advanced techniques for uncertainty quantification and modeling, to facilitate robust decision makings for system design, manufacturing, and system operation and maintenance.